Charlie Chaplin in the Jazz Age

Friday 6th December 2019 7.30 pm in Cairns Church

Ben Harlan


Max Baillie


Matthew Sharp


Jon Banks


Iris Pissaride


Part concert, part cinema, Charlie Chaplin in the Jazz Age conjures a world of comedy and pathos for young and old. During this exciting event ZRI perform live to Chaplin’s classic silent movie The Adventurer, transporting us to early 20th-century New York where classical music intertwined with jazz, klezmer and gypsy music in film soundtracks. The breath-taking energy of these superb musicians matches the wit and brilliance of Chaplin in his creative prime.

ZRI (Zum Roten Igel - The Red Hedgehog) takes its name from a famous Viennese coffee house frequented by composers like Schubert and Brahms who were influenced by the gypsy musicians they heard there.

"ZRI play with consummate virtuosity, magic and passion…"
Royal Albert Hall Café Ignite Series