Friday 30 September 2022 
7.30 pm in Cairns Church


String Quartet in G major, Op 77 No 1

Sylvie Bodarová

String Quartet No 4 ‘Shofarot’


String Quartet in G major, D 887

This talented young British quartet opens our season with the dazzling energy and brilliance of late Haydn and the magnificent achievement of Schubert’s last quartet. Schubert lived for only 31 years, so it seems almost absurd to talk of his ‘late’ music, but the maturity and emotional complexity of this work make it truly extraordinary. The titanic battle between light and dark that underlies so much of the music he wrote at the end of his life is nowhere more striking than in this quartet, a truly epic work lasting around 50 minutes.

Between them, a striking short piece based on Jewish themes by leading Czech composer Sylvie Bodarová.

"Brilliant and distinctive... fresh and new...makes the music’s architecture expressive in its own right"
The Telegraph